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    On this day 6 years ago I raised my right hand and swore in to become property of the United Stated Army. I remember it well because it too was Friday 13th so I figured “This is probably a bad idea!” haha. This day is bittersweet because although I am getting what I want, I will definitely miss my National Guard unit and close battle buddies. To make it worse, I went to the store the other day, and the sales associate reminded me that my military id expires this month, broke my little heart. I can honestly say the military has taught me so many things. Work ethics, life skills, the value of togetherness, the importance of time but most importantly maturity. The military helped me purchase my first car, and pay off my second. It helped find a voice and meet my partner in crime. Yea, I will miss the military but I’m proud to say the military isn’t for everyone and I was able to finish my time. Now I wait for my husband to ETS and I will truly be military free. And I will look back one day and say remember that time I was in the military and wrote about it haha. Thanks for reading ya’ll.

    I will be spamming your feed with military pictures too. Anyway, Carry on!

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